Offbeat news: Lincoln crashes SNL’s 40th birthday

On February 15th, the cast of SNL and celebrities (including some people who qualify for both categories) got together to celebrate the comedy show’s four decades on air and just about as many of mischief. The show in itself was uneven, probably partly because it was a whole three and a half hours long, but what was arguably its best bit gave us the Lincoln connection of the night. For those who did not get to see the Jeopardy skit, there is a link at the end of this article. You may want to watch it for the full fun factor, too!

To put things in context, comedy legend Jim Carrey was among the guests that night. After taking Matt Lauer off-guard on the “red carpet” with a few sassy comments about Brian Williams’ troubles, the Canadian actor joined the other comedy greats for a sequel to Will Ferrell’s “Celebrity Jeopardy” act. During the segment, many celebrities took turn impersonating others to give crazy answers to an already ridiculous set of clues. Now, Jim Carrey recently hosted SNL and took the opportunity to create three hilariously fake commercials spoofing Matthew McConaughey’s real commercials for the brand.

So, when Carrey showed up as a bearded McConaughey on Celebrity Jeopardy, you could imagine something was coming. I will not spoil the punch line, rather I recommend you take a few minutes to watch the skit. It is about fifteen minutes long in total but Jim Carrey appears right before the 5:00 mark.

The more time passes, and the more it seems that Lincoln was spot-on in casting the Academy Award winner as its spokesperson: his charisma, backed by a good product and unique directing, really sets the brand apart. And the fact that the campaign has been appropriated by so many comedians definitely play in Lincoln’s favour.

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Photo credit: NBC.



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