About our website

A fan of all things Lincoln, I realized that most of the information available out there, online or in books, was about the celebrated classics or production Lincolns up to the 1970s. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, I think we all enjoy learning more about the classics!

But Lincoln is alive and more interesting than ever to cover on a day to day basis: be it for its corporate developments, new products and exciting concept-cars, or still rediscovering dream cars and production vehicles from every decade.

So, taking a (virtual) page out of websites such as ARonline.co.uk, Allpar.com and Citroenet.org.uk I thought we could get all our information about Lincoln under one banner!

Overall, this blog, and its Facebook page mate, both still under construction, aim to be a one-stop location for all things Lincoln: new models, old models, compilation of reviews, design studies, concepts, business news, featured classics, a bibliography and even a YouTube playlist of our favourite finds.

I will do my best to populate it with new items as they come in the news, as well as older news of importance that will be added to the flow at the date of initial release.

Also, exclusive features will bring unique content to this page, much like the incredible work people have been whipping up all these years at Allpar.com and ARonline.co.uk.

Make sure to check this page often, and with time, who knows, we could plant the seeds of a new reference site!


3 responses to “About our website

  1. I just read your story on the Markette by cooper I have taken the liberty of contacting Mr Cooper who I have know for 45 years and directed him to your story. He may provide you with interior pictures and more.

    • Good morning, and thanks for your comment and offer! That would be a very swell opportunity to learn more about that car. Much appreciated.

  2. you may contact Byron Cooper direct at http://www.corvetteexpo.com with any request you may have on the Markette he and his brother Ronnie have been everything corvette for as long as I can remember they are truly masters of fiberglass

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