Week-end readings: Sitting in the driver’s seat never felt better!

Nowadays, manufacturers spend hundreds of millions of dollars to develop new cars. A lot of it goes into engineering fuel efficient engines and safe crumple zones, of course. But, the competition being what it is, more and more “R&D” money goes into the little details, all those convenient perks that may sway the customer away from the competition: infotainment systems, electronic wizardry and, as it seems, seats.

A few years ago, Opel boasted that its new “ergonomic” seats with orthopedic enhancements had received paramedical certification and were able to support your back better than any other seat in the industry – supposedly, as the ads for the then-new Insignia proudly claimed, you could do a 1,000 kilometers (about 620 miles) journey at the wheel and still feel as rested as when you got up that morning.

Then, Nissan came up with its “zero-gravity” seats, which had supposedly been developed with technology inspired by NASA and could relieve any soreness caused by long commutes. Admittedly, both Opel and Nissan received great reviews from the press about their seats, several journalists lamenting the loss of plush comfort but recognising the long-term benefits of those technologies.


Well, today, Lincoln is in the news with its own cushion revolution! When it revealed the stunning Continental Concept, the brand pointed to its classicaly-styled 30-way power seats, which were covered in a luscious blue-on-blue leather and Alcantara upholstery. This week the same seat, but this time in what seems to be its cream-coloured production version, is featured in Architectural Digest. It is a good read if you are into quirky details!

For those who remember, let us just hope the Continental’s controls are a little less mind-boggling than those of the then ultra-plush 1990 Buick Park Avenue Ultra…


Photo from the always amazing CurbsideClassic.com.

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