Offbeat news: Lincoln steals Cadillac’s Oscar Buzz

Last Sunday at the 87th Academy Awards, Cadillac scored some heavy points in terms of press coverage. True, Matthew McConaughey was there and thanks to him Lincoln did not have to pay a cent to get on the minds of viewers around the world, but Cadillac owned the commercial breaks. Superbowl-style, almost.

Prior to the ceremony, Cadillac had shocked its fans and the press by going “white-out” on all of its social media outlets, building up anticipation for what was just supposed to be a new media campaign focusing on “lifestyle” and not showing any of its cars or trucks. True, the final result is still very much a lifestyle-based ad, and it does start pretty slowly especially when watched during the Oscars (note the split-second cameo by Steve Wozniak). But then, suddenly, the new flagship CT6 sedan appears from the fog. This obviously sent viewers to the Internet as online searches for Cadillac cars reportedly went up a commendable 120%.

In passing, I wish Lincoln’s really good “Introducing the Lincoln Motor Company” spot got the same visibility went it came out because although both are similar in message (“How dare a 112-year-old carmaker reinvent itself” asks Cadillac before showing the crest-free CT6), there is a lot more car and a lot more gusto in Lincoln’s spot than in Cadillac’s “Dare greatly” campaign.

Still, as the web was abuzz with Cadillac’s latest, it seems that Lincoln’s media team was already working hard to play their arch rival a sneaky trick! Autoblog reports that for a short while after the Oscars, a Google search about Cadillac would bring back two “promoted” results. The first one was the official one that General Motors certainly paid for way in advance and which tied the search with the manufacturer’s website.

Then, right below, another promoted link that sent you to Lincoln’s own promotion of its new campaign starring Matthew McConaughey and the 2015 MKZ Hybrid. And, to add insult to injury, Lincoln’s message read: “Dare Greatly – It’s not about making a statement, it’s about doing what you love”… Touché.

The promotion has since been taken down, but it sure gets the old rivalry going, eh? Oh, and for fun, make sure to check out the iconic “Cadillac style” ad campaign from the 1980s.

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