2015 New York Auto Show : Continental for the Big Apple?

The rumour mill is now running at full speed! After many hints and even an off-hand admission by Neil Young on television, it seems that we are now closer than ever to getting to the truth regarding the return of the Continental nameplate.

Indeed, Jalopnik.com relayed a mysterious discovery made by members of the BlueOval forums yesterday: an in-depth look at Lincoln’s website allowed a few keen-eyed readers to uncover a micro-site dedicated to a “Lincoln Continental Concept” as well as entries in the website’s code for a “2017 Lincoln Continental”. You can check the corresponding screenshots and evidence at the links below.

Needless to say, that would be a big deal for both Lincoln and the New York Auto Show. First, it would mean that the brand has chosen to strike big on the sedan front, after polishing its SUV and crossover line-up over the past few years, just as we suggested in these pages just a few weeks ago. It will also settle once and for all the rumours concerning the packaging of the MKS’s replacement: front- or rear-wheel drive, dedicated platform or long-wheelbase MKZ?

Then, it would also probably allow Lincoln to steal the show among domestic manufacturers, and maybe even foreign competitors. Indeed, and that will especially ring true if they somehow associate Matthew McConaughey’s spokesperson work to the reveal, the new Continental could diminish the impact of the all-new Cadillac CT6. The new flagship from General Motors has been teased a few times and even made an appearance in Cadillac’s media blitz during the last Oscars night, and is due to be fully revealed during the New York Auto Show.

After Ford’s performance showdown during the last Detroit Auto Show, during which a trio of hot rods completely overshadowed the reveal of the new Acura NSX, could an unexpected contender give Cadillac a run for its money on the luxury front?

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