Rumours: Is a RWD platform in the works as part of “2020 Vision”?

A few days ago, we reported on FoMoCo’s new strategic plan, smartly titled “2020 Vision”. In there, a lot of emphasis was put on the need for the company to grow its global market share in the short- to medium-term and on Lincoln’s development. In order to achieve three times its current sales volume within the next five years, Lincoln is set to receive a 2.5 billion dollar investment as well as a reinforced line-up featuring four new models: two of those are identified directly in the plan (the next MKX, which was already previewed in concept form, and the successor to the MKS) while two remained secret.

Now, we assumed it could be a totally new Navigator and a premium compact car while others such as MotorAuthority suggest it could also be the long-awaited Mustang offshoot. In effect, that would bring a RWD offering back into the Lincoln stable, although not on a new platform – it would also most likely be a coupe since the MKS is confirmed to be replaced on a different platform yet.

The most interesting piece of news comes from relayed by inside sources report that one of these two mystery models will be a large crossover based on an all-new RWD architecture, which will eventually be spun off into a Ford crossover as well. This piece of news makes even more sense when considered in the light of all other piece of information we’ve heard in the past months: the market share of sedans is going down in favour of crossovers and car-based SUVs of all kinds; FoMoCo’s ambitions in the full-size car market are said to be reduced to long-wheelbase versions of their current midsize platforms; the adjunction of a RWD-based AWD crossover would definitely beef up sales against Japanese and German entries.

If that was to be the case, we’d have to see what shape the new car would take given how wide the notion of a “crossover” can be. With the Navigator acting as the large people-mover, the MKC representing the soft-rolling luxury choice and the MKX promising a more dynamic choice, the new vehicle would probably have to play the card of the not-quite-sedan-not-quite-station-wagon crossover (a la Buick Enclave, for instance) with interesting towing capacity to carve itself a spot on the market place without eating away the sales of other Lincolns.

This move would also make sense in the context of the announced demise of the Australian Ford Territory, which is essentially what that rumoured vehicle promises to be. The Territory enjoys good success in the land down under but will be cancelled after 2016 as part of Ford’s plan to cancel all local production (including the legendary Falcon and said Territory) in favour of global models produced in Asia and North-America (like the Ford Fusion, known there as the Mondeo).

As they say… wait and see! The 2014-2015 auto show season should provide us with more glimpses of what Lincoln has in store for the future.

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