Offbeat News: Lincoln Canada’s Thanksgiving moment

Disclaimer: as some of you may not know, Thanksgiving takes place in Canada three weeks earlier than in the United States. Thus, this year, it was on Monday, October 13th. This story was first released by Lincoln in the days leading to our fall celebration!

Ever since it relaunched itself as the Lincoln Motor Company, our favourite brand has been doubling its regular advertisement efforts with a social media campaign called “Lincoln Now”, which showcases designers, musicians and artists at large across North America. Through Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, Lincoln’s media team shares interesting finds and events it encounters as it takes the 2015 line-up to every corner of the continent – which incidentally results in a lot of beautiful pictures of their cars in every type of landscape or urban environment imaginable.

With the release of the MKC, this campaign as been extended with the addition of the “In the moment” tag-line. It follows Matthew McConaughey’s message and the parameters laid out for the upcoming “Black Label” experience: every customer being unique, they will each enjoy their new Lincoln their own way, to celebrate their own passions.

And Lincoln Canada decided to put that motto into practice when a gentleman named Tom Jonas decided to go for a test drive of the new Lincoln MKC. Now, in addition to already being a Lincoln owner, Tom Jonas happens to be a well-known and well-liked member of his community in the greater Toronto area (or, as it is known to locals – the GTA), who raised more then 30,000$ organizing a haunted house to the benefit of the Montreal, QC Children’s hospital. Having heard of his achievements via the Lincoln Now campaign, the brand decided to say thank you, a “customer’s appreciation day” if you will. Unbeknownst to him he had been selected, one in all of Canada, for a very special treat!

So, when Mr Jonas showed up with his wife to discover the new 2015 MKC, the test drive quickly turned into much more: escorted by a motorcade and guided by a preset MyLincoln Touch system, he made his way to a fine restaurant in downtown Toronto, where he was greeted by his daughters and a VIP tour of the establishment. Later, a cast member of the “WICKED” musical appeared to sing him a song of his favourite musical and give him two special tickets for the evening’s performance, where he was then wished a happy birthday by the entire cast.

The idea behind the move was to show that, as professed by the campaign, your Lincoln vehicle could be the link that brings together all your favourite things: family, arts and good food for Mr Jonas but anything else you’d like too.

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