2015 Lincoln MKC awarded in Texas

People say everything is bigger in Texas, from their State capitol to probably the size of the average vehicle on the road. Indeed, pick-up trucks seem to do even better in the Lone Star State than in the rest of the United States or Canada, certainly in part because of long distances and in part because of the importance of ranching activities. Consequently, manufacturers often showcase new or dedicated versions of their trucks at State fairs and local journalists take the trouble to recognize the most competent of them at the annual Truck Rodeo.

This year among a crop of Jeeps, GMCs and of course Ford trucks, it appears that the Lincoln MKC held its head high, winning two prizes: it first came on top of the 2015 Luxury CUV category, only to earn the coveted title of “2015 CUV of Texas”, against a number of Asian imports. For reference, the very competent Jeep Grand Cherokee earned the title of Texas SUV of the year while the aluminium-clad F-150 won the award for best truck.

No doubt this is good news for Lincoln, which already reinforced its heartland credibility thanks to Matthew McConaughey’s participation in a new set of TV ads. The 2015 MKC has also been shortlisted for the title of 2015 North American Truck of the Year, where it will compete among others with the new Lexus NX, Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q3 – again, this appears as a testament to the compact crossover’s inner qualities!


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