2002 Lincoln Continental Concept: Headed for auction!

Car enthusiasts will tell you that concept cars, and even to a degree production cars, are like sculptures on wheels. An artist’s vision, running free from any engineering constraint, featuring lavish lines, impressive drivetrains and electronics that make today’s cars look like Model Ts. But while most famous sculptures end up in museums, it seems the concept cars get their fifteen days of fame at any given auto show, only to be locked away in the manufacturer’s warehouse forever. And that’s the best case scenario: car museums are few and far between, and private collectors are probably less likely to collect concept cars than sculptures… for understandable space reasons!


In recent years, many Lincoln concept cars have been sent to the auction block: although probably a common way for any brand to make some space for new items in their design studios, it seemed that the amount of cars reflected the company’s more difficult times and maybe a way to clear the cache of their design identity as they were searching for a new “look”.


Which brings us to today’s find from the folks at Autoblog: the 2002 Lincoln Continental concept is going up for sale at RM Auctions next November. This incredible design, which I think we will have to cover very soon on this blog, already went on sale four years ago where it commanded a price of around 56.000$ – for info, the Lincoln Sentinel which we recently reviewed gathered around 40.000$ on the auction circuit. Needless to say, the pictures show a concept in perfect shape, and if anything make it look with twelve years of hindsight as a perfectly fine production design!


Although you will not be legally allowed to drive it on the open road as is, it is still the closest you can get to owning a modern descendant of the 1961 Continental – the kind a lot of pundits have been clamoring for in the past few years. Unfortunately, there’s only one 2002 Continental available this time!

Photo credits : property of RM Auctions.

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