Offbeat news: Lincoln reveals signature fragrance for its dealerships

A few months ago, at the Beijing Auto Show, Lincoln revealed a new strategy for its soon-to-be opened Chinese dealerships. In order to cater to Asian prospects’ tastes, dealerships would be modeled around the design and amenities offered by luxury hotel lobbies, from concierge services to architecture and furnishings. At the time, journalists on this side of the Pacific wondered if that new strategy would make it to North-American dealer, who have already been remodeling since the closure of the Mercury brand and consolidation with the Ford franchises: it seems like we get the beginning of an answer today.

Lincoln has introduced what it calls “The Essence of Lincoln”, an exclusive fragrance designed to be added to the showrooms’ ventilation systems and which promises notes of green tea and jasmine. The move aims to create an “emotional connection” with visitors and customers, not unlike recent moves by department stores and other shopping venues, and not only make visiting the dealership a nicer experience but also to make it memorable and make Lincoln’s stores stand out in a customer’s cross-shopping experience.

Although this move may seem unusual, fragrances have been tied for long with many car manufacturers’ marketing experience. Although it was made for retail sales, we can remember “Mustang” and “Mustang Blue” colognes and aftershaves by Estee Lauder. Other experiments include in-car fragrances like those developed by Citroen, Renault-Samsung or the late Maybach brand. The latter was also offered in a notoriously decadent crystal “atomizer” at the cost of… 5.000$.



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