Car Show Find: 1966 Lincoln Continental in the Badger State

Summer is car show season, the classic car shows that is! While on vacation in Wisconsin, I got to visit the first leg of the Appleton classic car show and snapped pictures of this stunning 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible in Artic White, with the bright red logo of the Wisconsin Badgers proudly displayed on the front fenders.


In addition to being mentioned on the sign tucked at the bottom of the windshield, this particular model year is the first one of the mid-decade facelifted body and can be identified with its unique grille and rear bumpers.



Upfront, the 1966 Continentals were the first to showcase that extending grille and front fascia, and the only ones to feature that uninterrupted horizontal motif on the grille insert. Out back, this car featured the 1966-only tail lights and their three vertical sections.



The interior was also all-new, trading the horizontal theme of the 1961-1965 model for a new instrument cluster centered around the steering wheel. Interior trim also followed the horizontal theme of the exterior with thin chrome lines running the length of the dashboard.


The only available engine was a 430-cid (7.0L!) V8 producing 320hp. Base price for the beautiful convertible was 6.383$, which amounts to just under 47.000$ today. Quite a bargain said like that, even though only 3180 eye-catching units found buyers!


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