Sales numbers: Summer Slowdown

It appears we are at it again: after a slow month of April and a rebound in May,  sales are down for the month of June albeit by a benign 2.7% compared to June 2013 figures.

Ford Motor Company’s latest corporate press release on the subject reveals that the MKS full-size sedan is the worst offender with a 33%, followed by its wagon-like platform mate the MKT full-size crossover at -26%. It has to be noted though that these models are for all intents and purposes the oldest of the line-up: while the MKX midsize crossover was introduced for the 2007 model year (its sales are down 12%), the MKS for the 2009 model year and the MKT for the 2010 model year, the MKX evolves in a much more conservative segment with longer product cycles and has also already been given a successor.

The MKS full-size sedan should be replaced for the 2016 model year, with a design most likely introduced some time in early 2015 on the North American auto show circuit.

Otherwise, Navigator sales are up 6%, MKZ deliveries are down 6% and the all-new MKC is stable in absolute sales compared to its formal introduction during the month of May.

Overall, the brand maintains a 16% increase in volume this year, which mirrors the slowdown we experienced in April and goes to show that even in the less successful months Lincoln still experiences a strong push forward. And the rest of year still has untapped potential: analysts predict that American consumers will buy more cars across the board this year than in 2013, and sales should reach levels not seen since 2006. Also, in recent comments to Autoblog confirmed by Bloomberg, Lincoln leadership detailed their new strategy for product launches as they plan to wait until new models are in sufficient supply at dealerships before unleashing strong marketing campaigns. This means that the brand new MKC will probably remain a little under the radar for now, before a big push in the fall.


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