Sales Numbers: Time to Rebound

Ever since we started reporting on sales, in the beginning of 2014, we have noticed a very strong push from Lincoln vehicles compared to the past years – in the likes of above 20%. The only exception to that upward trend was the month of April, when sales slid by 11%, but recently released numbers for the month of May confirm that this was just a temporary setback: sales are now back up over 21%!

In details, the mid-size luxury sedan MKZ stands off with yet another record months, its sales up more than 6% – that alone helps correct the 23% year-to-year slide the MKZ suffered in April. To be fair, it was mostly due to very strong April 2013 numbers probably caused by the liquidation of the previous generation model. Likewise, the mid-size crossover MKX is posting a 30% increase compared to the same period last year, which could be triggered by the recent release of the next generation MKX Concept as well as inventory incentives.

When it comes to older models, the MKS full-size luxury sedan still defends its position with an 18% increase (but still modest sales overall – the new generation should be announced fairly soon) and the MKT full-size crossover continues its plunge with few units sold and an overall near 20% decrease for May 2014. Again, this is an older model whose future might be decided in the next few months. Sales of the pre-redesign Navigator are also stable with an 8% increase compared to last year.

Finally, the biggest news is the availability of the all-new 2015 MKC crossover! Offered to customers for only the very last week-end of may (ie, just a few days ago) it already registered nearly 700 sales! We’ll have to keep an eye on that particular model for next months sales, especially as advertising should now ramp up to announce its availability at Lincoln dealers everywhere.

So, overall yet another good month for Lincoln! The brand managed to compensate its temporary slide in April and return to the strong increase it had known since the beginning of the year.


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