Found on the Streets: 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car

So much to say about such a beautiful car!


First of all, let’s pinpoint the year. The Rolls Royce-inspired grille made its appearance for the 1977 model year, and this full-size generation of Lincoln was retired at the end of the 1979 model year – when they were downsized from 233 inches in length (that’s more than 5.9 meters!) to a “mere” 219 inches, with corresponding shrinkage in width, height, weight, etc.


Then, the 1977 models carry over the same dashboard as the 1970+ Continentals, which was unique to this vehicle. For 1978, the dashboard was a luxury version of the one found on the Mercury Marquis. I couldn’t take a nice picture of the interior due to exposure, but it did feature the 1978-1979 dashboard and its very distinctive speedometer and glove-box cut-out. Now, in 1979, the appliqué on the dashboard was changed from brushed aluminium and faux-wood to an all faux-wood finish. This car also featured this particularity.


Also of note were the (original) owner’s initials on the front doors – always classy – and the coach roof and opera windows specific to the Town Car package.

So, in consequence, we can say without too much doubt that this is a 1979! This was the very last year for the full-size Lincolns, and the very last time an American luxury car of this stature was available to customers : Cadillac had downsized in 1977, Chrysler in 1978. For that last year, still, the brand made some compromises: the huge 7.5L V8 was dropped and buyers had to make do with a “small” 6.6L V8 making a tepid 159hp. It did make enough torque though to put this 5.000 pounds vehicle into motion. Fuel economy was around 8 or 9 MPG in the city…

Also for 1979; but not featured in that particular car, was a special and exclusive package called “Collector’s Series”, to commemorate the end of those behemoths.


Be sure to check out the other cars we found on the streets of Montréal (and Westmount!) on our Flickr feed, linked just below!

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