Time Capsule: 1977 Cooper Markette, the “Corvinental”

By all accounts, production cars in the 1970s provided lavish accomodations and baroque styling right off the showroom floor. Still, it seems that back then some people wanted even more, turning to speciality makes like Stutz or custom coachmakers like Dunham to satisfy their “Brougham” needs. And while cars like the Blackhawk or the Corvorado may have enjoyed some notoriety to this day, the one we are sharing now is probably one of the most obscure examples out there.


(All photos credits to Hemmings.com)

Enters the 1977 custom Cooper Markette. It is the Lincoln-ified pendant to the more famous Corvorado, notably featured in James Bond. According to Hemmings this car was a one-off, and that is probably for the best… Based on a Corvette coupe, it is fitted with outrageous fender blades (themselves a testament to the excitement created by the generalization of fiberglass in the custom industry) and full Lincoln regalia including a waterfall grille, stand-up hood ornament and Continental-style spare tire hump on the rear deck.

Interesting items also include headlights mounted under the bumper line, which actually probably goes against regulations and roadability, a vinyl Landau top with split rear-window and coach lamps as well as rear lights and rear bumper arrangement that harken back to the 1976 Mark IV.


Unfortunately, no pictures of the interior were shared but one can only imagine vast expanses of crushed velour, simulated burled wood and a deluxe steering wheel. Still, that’s quite the interesting car!

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