Sales numbers: Slight Spring Slowdown

Back in Winter, we reported promising sales number for Lincoln during the Holiday season and the first months of 2014. The impressive overall jump in MKZ sales was particularly interesting, showing that the initial delays due to quality control issues were now history. As the days get warmer though, it seems like Lincoln sales are slightly cooling down compared to last year.

Sales number published by Ford and compiled by show that the brand continued to enjoy a strong push through the month of March, after which it reported close to a 32% increase in volume. Within those numbers, the MKZ sedan saw its sales increase by 72% to reach a new monthly record!

For the month of April though, Lincoln has encountered a slight set-back with an 11% slide amongst a generally lively market. It could be a transition period also when customers become aware of the arrival of new models such as the all-new MKC and redesigned Navigator and chose to wait for the summer and fall to get their new vehicles.

Still, as of today, Lincoln sales are still up 21% overall compared to last year, so here’s to continued success thanks to the launch of the next model year!

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