Week-end readings: Easter edition

Happy Easter!

Today, I will be working on digesting my “sugar shack” inspired meal and reducing the world’s chocolate stockpile, so I figured why not share a few good reads to wrap up a pleasant day?

The Zeppelin Train, The Aerotrain And Other Classic Streamlined Train:

We will come back at length, another day, about the genesis and importance of the Lincoln-Zephyr but we can already make a connection thanks to this story. Indeed, the origin of the famed Lincoln icon can be found in a concept car that was presented at the 1933 Chicago’s “Century of Progress” World’s Fair to showcase the possibilities of streamlining. And that car happened to be presented in close relation to the Zephyr streamlined bullet train.


Here’s an interesting article about the Age of Streamlining, accompanied by a few Wikipedia articles on the World’s Fair and the Zephyr train to give some context.

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The Very First Boeing 747, Inside and Out:

Since we’re on the topic of ground-breaking transportation technology, here’s a look at the very first Boeing 747. This particular plane launched in 1969 a revolution in air travel that was only topped when Airbus released its A380. In the midst of Boeing’s troubles with the new Dreamliner, here’s to hoping they’ll hatch another such success!



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