Sales number: A Good Start to 2014!

As the winter is (slowly but hopefully surely) winding down, it is time to take a look at Lincoln’s sales numbers for the months of January and February. And, as it turns out, they are pretty encouraging, given the difficult weather conditions and still recovering economy.

As some may recall, the initial launch of the MKZ luxury sedan was for all intents and purposes delayed as vehicles were shipped from the factory in Mexico to a quality control center in the United States, prior to delivery to eager dealerships and awaiting prospects. While the situation was resolved during the fall of 2013, both MKZ and overall Lincoln sales did not show a significant increase as December 2013 came to a close.

Things seem to be changing though, as Lincoln surfs on the wave of extensive televised advertising and positive media coverage following the launch of the production MKC midsize luxury crossover.

Since January, sales of the MKZ are up 222% compared to last year – and indeed, I am sure we all see more and more of the swoopy sedans on our roads. That same month, year-to-year sales were up 42.5% with a total of 5973 units sold. In February, overall sales were up 36.4% compared to last year, once again carried by good sales of the brand’s midsize four-door.

Across the industry, only Maserati and Jeep managed to beat Lincoln’s increased in percentage, and lots of solid companies saw their numbers decline over the same period.

Considering that Lincoln is the middle of two major product cycle, with the MKZ being the only available new product and sales of the all-new MKC and redesigned Navigator starting in the spring, as well as a new MKS full-size sedan and possibly more vehicles due next year, these numbers tell us several things: 1) the money spend on increased advertising on television works, 2) the MKZ really is a quality vehicle and 3) new vehicles applying the same recipe should confirm that momentum in the coming months.

Here’s to ever-increasing sales number!


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