Week-end readings: Vintage Technology and a Follow-Up

Given the outrageous cold now battering parts of the United States and Canada, most of us will probably want to stay home and bundle up with a good read. This week, once again, I would like to share two stories that caught my attention this week; actually there were more but I forgot to bookmark them and have not found them again just yet!


Copyright GMClassics.com and Jalopnik.com

The first story is a quirky Jalopnik write-up about a forgotten and yet pretty neat piece of technology: redundant turn-signal lights. A staple of the late-1960s and 1970s (though some manufacturers kept them around up to the mid-1990s), they marked a first try at using fiber optics for on-board electronics. Usually found on the edge of the fenders, in the driver’s line of sight, or on the rear parcel shelf (to be seen by the driver in the rear-view mirror) they offered a convenient way to control the health of light-bulbs without having to leave the car.


Copyright Paul Niedermeyer at CurbsideClassic.com

The second story is a follow-up to the tale of a gorgeous Ford LTD that I shared with you a few weeks back. I will let you read the update but let us say that when you have a significant other, bringing a classic American land yacht home without notice might not be the best idea!


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