Week-end readings: What Might Have Been

This week, I’m sharing more than just one link with you.

First, Jalopnik.com published a very good write-up on the 1983 Lincoln Quicksilver concept. I am planning one of my own some time in the future (well, further away in the future than originally planned considering there’s a good source of information out there now) but it’s still a good opportunity to get acquainted with a concept-car that isn’t part of the Lincoln canon but still proved quite successful in Europe.

Also, Curbside Classic took a shot in the dark asking: “What if there was to be a 2014 Town Car?”. The basis for their interrogation is a very good rendering from an artist (whose work is referenced directly in their article) and knowing the website I’m pretty sure it will lead to a good discussion. It appears to be a mix of several concept-cars released by the Ford Motor Company over the last few years, with of course a healthy dose of classic Continental and Mark cues, but it is interesting to compare it to the renderings of the upcoming MKS as published by MotorTrend a few months back (and which can be found below again).



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