Week-end readings: An Enthusiast’s Story

Photo credit: Paul Niedermeyer at CurbsideClassic.com

It’s not actually the week-end yet but I’m on vacation from Law School so I’ll say every day is the week-end! This article isn’t about a Lincoln but it’s about one of its most famous relatives, and maybe one of its nicest competitors, the Ford LTD. For those who know Curbside Classic, you’ll find in that story what you love about the website as a whole. For those who don’t, it will remind you of why we love cars, be they old or new actually: it’s about memories, stories and how these fine pieces of machinery manage to move us and take us for a ride, even while standing still.

Also, lots of updates will be coming next week as I get back to school and back in front of the computer. I plan to finish the MKC dossier, then revamp the homepage to let you know what is in the books for the weeks to come. Happy New Year!

Thank You For All Your Great Car Buying Advice, But I Ignored It And Bought This Pristine 1972 Ford LTD Instead, by Paul Niedermeyer of Curbside Classic

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