A piece of American history going up for auction

On November 22nd, 1963 the history of the United States took an unimaginable turn as President John F. Kennedy was shot while touring Dallas, TX at the back of his iconic Lincoln Continental Convertible. Although it started its life as a 1961 model, it was fitted with a 1962 front clip at the time of the President’s assassination, as is customary for presidential cars.  It’s indeed a good way to balance the initial cost of required modifications with the need to look like you have the best on the market at any given moment.

While that very particular Lincoln, baptized SS-100-X, is now property of the Henry Ford Museum, two less tragically famous Lincolns from President Kennedy’s motorcade will soon be auctioned at a special event called “Fifty Years After Dallas”. Although owning these cars might be a little challenging to the mind of the average, non-fanatic American citizen, they happen to be two very beautifully restored vehicles.


The first one is a 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V sedan, part of the President’s motorcade and fully equiped with a partition between the driver and the passenger compartments and all the fittings to make you feel worthy to join the presidential entourage. Interestingly enough the exterior was restored but the interior was intentionally left untouched and sports the patina of a 53 year-old car. It’s fair to say that this car is in and of itself a beautiful example of the somewhat unloved 1958-1960 Continentals.


The second one is probably the closest one can possibly get to SS-100-X: it’s the 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible that President Kennedy rode in through the streets of Fort Worth before flying to Dallas on the morning of November 22nd, 1963. The white convertible has been completely restored and should fetch twice the price of the first car at the auction, ie 50 000$. Again, this car is a pristine example of the clean and timeless design of the 1961-1969 Continentals.

AR406-6 11/22/1963 #4816

In addition to these two historically charged Lincolns, interested buyers can also buy some more disturbing items yet, such as the window frame through which Lee Harvey Oswald shot the most important man in the world…

Photo credit: RR Auction.


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