The Mexican Cousin: 2010 Lincoln Mark LT

As it stands, Lincoln is a decidedly North-American brand preparing its first foray overseas with a much anticipated launch in China. As is often the case on the Chinese market, one can expect some regional modifications such as longer wheelbases, more ostentatious trim and maybe some unique drivetrain choices.

But, do we really have to wait to see a novelty Lincoln? Well of course not! Meet the 2010 Mexican-spec Lincoln Mark LT.


The 2006-2008 Mark LT that we know was a luxuriously appointed cousin of the plebeian F-150 pickup truck. It met its demise when the 2010 F-150’s line-up was considerably extended upward to fight the fanciest offerings from Ram, Chevrolet and GMC. Down South, though, it was decided the Mark LT’s recipe of a luxurious yet rugged pickup truck was a winner and the nameplate was introduced, for the first time in Mexico, in 2010 as a rebadged version of the new F-150 Platinum.

Incidentally, in Mexico, the F-150 is known as the Lobo (or Wolf in English) and its highest trim level is the Lariat we know in the American market.


Mechanically-speaking it’s a perfect adaptation of the critically acclaimed 2009 Ford F-150. Styling-wise… I would say the jury is still out on how the then-corporate Lincoln identity was ported to a pick-up truck that size. Changes amounts to the replacement of the F-150’s grille clip by a custom-made one sporting an enlarged version of the 2007 bow-wave motif, Lincoln badges and wheels and a supplement of chrome. The same goes for the interior which is stock F-150 except for upgraded materials and unique badging.


In Mexico, and although the Mark LT happens to be the brand’s highest selling vehicle. it’s unclear how long it will be able to withstand the winds of change. With a groundbreaking MKC on the way and rumors of a new and improved Navigator, it’s unlikely this Mexican-only product will remain available much longer.

Undoubtedly the real test will be the planned renewal of the F-Series for the 2015 model year, but you never know!


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