2016 Lincoln MKS: The Picture is Getting Clearer

Photo credits: Lincoln Motor Company

Car and Driver claims to have had access to new key information about the upcoming 2016 MKS, going as far as providing the first renderings of the next-generation Lincoln MKS. And, of course, these latest rumors go against previous information gathered in the media!

According to the buff book, the next-generation Lincoln MKS will remain on the full-size D3 platform initially engineered by Volvo for its S80 line and currently used in a multitude of wheelbases and configuration across both Lincoln and Ford brands. Given the age of the D3 platform as used in the current MKS, one can expect extensive reworking of suspension, rigidity and most of an increased use of weight-saving materials. This would also confirm the 2016 MKS as a front- or all-wheel drive car.


Lincoln MKC Concept

In terms of design, the renderings incorporate the designed language first introduced with the current MKZ and refined with the critically-acclaimed MKC Concept, with strong character lines, three dimensionally sculpted grille, dual headlamp design and a light-bar at the rear. The kick-up on the rear fenders is in the classic Continental tradition.

Finally, the lackluster 3.7L V6 would be replaced by a downsized 2.9L V6 with EcoBoost technology in the base model while a nine-speed transmission would be offered across the line.

On the other hand, citing other sources within the company, The Truth About Cars reports that the final design will be more tame than the C&D renderings and most importantly that the car will indeed be switched to an extended version of the Fusion platform. This fits what had been rumored a few months ago, when the transfer of both Fusion and MKS production to Flat Rock, MI was announced.


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