The forgotten Lincoln from Peeble Beach

The Peeble Beach show saw the unveiling of the Black Label MKZ and MKC on Lincoln’s official booth, but among the many fine automobiles on display elsewhere in the show this particular one gathered a lot of attention, winning Best In Class In Custom Postwar Coachwork and apparently being a potential Best In Show winner.

All photo credited to Jason Torchinsky, of Jalopnik fame.


Introducing the 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis, by Carrozeria Boano.

One could wonder if it’s really fair to classify such a custom car to the Lincoln brand but the border between “canon” and “non canon” concepts was less established back then. If your curiosity has been piqued by this one-of-a-kind Lincoln, you will find a detailed article on Jalopnik in the following link, as well as a summary of its history on

What’s the most striking, apart from the quality of the restoration itself, is the particularly high number of Jet Age styling cues even for that era. The shape is sculpted by the wind, the cockpit brings us back to old fighters and trim details such as scoops and exposed “exhaust” pipes are absolutely gorgeous.



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