Lincoln to double MKZ Hybrid production

The Detroit News reports that Lincoln will be doubling production of the MKZ Hybrid sedan in its Hermosillo, Mexico plant as it prepares the release of the 2014 model year.


“Bigger ideas with smaller footprints”, Photo credit: Ford Motor Company

The 2013 MKZ Hybrid follows on the strong performance of the original 2011 model which brought the advantages of a hybrid powertrain to the midsize luxury class and went head to head with the late Lexus HS 250h. In addition to its impressive fuel economy, the original MKZ introduced an agressive marketing strategy: by making the offering the V6 or the Hybrid for the same price, Lincoln managed to entice the luxury buyer to the Green ethos.


2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, Photo credit: Ford Motor Company

Thanks to the demise of the Lexus HS 250h after the 2012 model year due to a rather poor showing, the next generation 2013 Lincoln MKZ was able to assert its position as the Hybrid luxury midsize sedan of choice. Indeed, across the industry, the traditional green luxury buyer can only turn to the less technologically-advanced Buick Regal and LaCrosse with e-Assist.


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